THE PREMIER stepped off the mark at yesterday's Community Meeting addressing the two elephants in the room - Great Keppel Island and commercial fishing.

Unlike commercial fishing protestors, supporters of a boutique gaming licence for Tower Holdings' GKI project heard there was no license available for GKI.

"We know how important it is to have confidence and to make sure we have jobs and job generating projects," Premier Palaszczuk told the forum.

"I want to thank the proponents, Tower Holdings. They have the development tick to build the resort and we, and everyone in this room, wants the project to go ahead.

"The former government said there would be three casino licences...we don't know if all three are going to get up.

"If a license was returned to government, we could start a new process.

"My suggestion is to go and build that project and there may be an opportunity to apply for that casino license.

"We want to see jobs in this region; youth unemployment is too high."

Our Keppel Our Future spokesman, Karl McPhail met with the Premier after the public forum and said she was "really, really pleased" with the meeting.

"She's very passionate about seeing the resort developed and 100% wants to see people in this area getting jobs," Ms McPhail said afterwards.

"We discussed alternatives outside the current processes and some options in regards to that.

"There was some areas we discussed that were new information to her.

"She will follow through with that...the bulk of our conversation was around policy change around a boutique license in the Casino's Act.

"It was a new playing field in the conversation and I feel very confident that she's very genuine and will work with us to move forward.

"I thought she was brilliant...and we will having ongoing conversations."

LIvingstone Mayor, Bill Ludwig also put the case to State Development Minister, Anthony Lynham.

"We believe there is a case to have a look at boutique licences - not just for GKI - to be available on islands where they aren't likely to contribute to domestic gambling, " Cr Ludwig said.

"A boutique situation on an island resort allows them to move forward and compete in a contemporary market.

"Their position was at this juncture in time they don't have the policy; we've said it would be great if they could reconsider.

"We certainly believe there is an opportunity for a number of Ministers and we're still hopeful we'll get a positive outcome."

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