A warm hug and a jab in the ribs at LOW Men's Shed

MEN AT WORK: A member of the One Mile/Leichhardt community Men’s Shed carves a wooden bowl on a lathe.
MEN AT WORK: A member of the One Mile/Leichhardt community Men’s Shed carves a wooden bowl on a lathe. Rob Williams

WALKING into Ipswich's newest Men's Shed felt like getting a warm hug from an old friend, followed by a jab in the ribs from a sibling.

This is the nature of this environment, where a good cuppa and friendly jibes flow freely.

The Leichhardt-based Men's Shed, encompasses One Mile and Wulkuraka, and is referred to as the LOW Men's Shed by its members.

It was officially opened in November, 2013 under the guidance of president Merv Neumann, who places great emphasis on the importance of such a shed in the community.

"It's a place where men can come and stay connected within the community, while helping their physical and mental well-being by having a chat about some of the issues they may be having," he said.

On this particular day in the shed Murray Brims carved out wooden bowls on the lathe.

As the woodchips flew and sawdust filled the air it was clear Murray knew what he was doing as he churned out the bowls like a one-man factory.

I figured he was rushing to fulfil an order placed by a local shop, but the bowls were actually being made to donate to a community organisation to use as part of number of fundraising hampers.

Murray's exploits must be common place as loyal member Don Muller remarked, "Oh look, Murray's taken over the lathe again", as he noticed Murray on the lathe.

They both smiled and Don went over to the kitchen and flicked on the kettle.

The LOW Men's Shed is located near the One Mile Community Centre in Leichhardt and is open from 8am-12pm on Wednesday and Saturday.

Further information about the shed can be gained by calling 3812 1270.

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