OPINION: Gilbert victory reflects the ethics of the QT

TOGETHER we can move mountains and so it was in the campaign to have a local field named after legendary Aboriginal fast bowler Eddie Gilbert.

The push to honour the man who once bowled Sir Donald Bradman for a duck started at grassroots level in Goodna some three years ago.

It is fair to say for many months the campaign just washed back and forth between government departments and the great idea looked certain to remain just that.

From the beginning the QT backed the campaign and eventually the mounting articles we ran couldn't be ignored by the government.

It is yet another reflection of the value of a newspaper committed to backing its community to make things happen.

It is a great tribute to both Gilbert and the foresight of Ipswich people that the Eddie Gilbert Memorial Field will be unveiled on July 8 at a ceremony hosted by the Queensland Police Service and the Public Safety Business Agency.

Every regional community throughout Australia needs a strong media voice to call on when no one seems to be listening.

For the past 153 years the Queensland Times has been that voice for Ipswich.

It is the duty of this paper to be the district's guardian and our future relies on it.

You have our assurance when anyone in this community is facing injustice we will dig in for the fight alongside them.


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