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Get your hand off it, motorists of Ipswich

DISTRACTED drivers continue to swarm Ipswich roads with 58 people sent to hospital last year as a result of distracted driving.

Despite the fact using a mobile phone while driving increases your risk of a crash by four times, drivers continue to reach for their devices when behind the wheel.

Even when your eyes are off the road for just two seconds, a vehicle moving at 60kmh travels more than 33m.

The average person's time to react to an event is 1.8 seconds. This means nearly four seconds can pass before the average distracted driver can react to a hazard.

The scary facts:

More than three quarters of Queenslanders use their mobile phone illegally in the car.

Texting is the most common behaviour, with 50% of drivers admitting to texting while at traffic lights and 25% while driving.

And 25% of drivers check their emails, social media, and the internet at traffic lights and 15% do so while driving.

Tips for staying focused on the road:

Switch your phone to silent or flight mode as soon as you get behind the wheel.

Phone home before you leave work and check whether you need to pick anything up.

If you're driving with passengers, designate a 'texter' so you can concentrate on driving.

Ipswich deaths and hospitalisations as a result of distractions

2008: 3 deaths, 110 hospitalisations

2009: 3 deaths, 51 hospitalisations

2010: 0 deaths, 39 hospitalisations

2011: 0 deaths, 44 hospitalisations

2012: 0 deaths, 49 hospitalisations

2013: 1 death, 46 hospitalisations

2014: 0 deaths, 53 hospitalisations

2015: 0 deaths, 58 hospitalisations

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