SURPRISE HIM: Here are our top tips to show that special man in your life you love him.
SURPRISE HIM: Here are our top tips to show that special man in your life you love him. gpointstudio

Get him a present he will really love

BUYING a present for the man in your life can be a little tricky, but don't stress, as we have listed some presents which he is sure to love this Christmas.

Forget the socks and jocks, because he already has plenty of them.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother or father, be sure to give them something they will use again and again.

Car accessories

MEN love their vehicles, and take extra pride in them.

Spoil your man with a do-it-yourself car cleaning kit. They come with shampoo, wheel cleaner, polish, wax and everything else he needs to make his wheels shine.

As an added bonus, he might like his present so much that he offers to clean your car too!

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more meaningful, car mats or new seat covers are also good options.

Fishing or camping gear

THE outdoors is a fun place to be, and men especially love fishing and camping.

Many stores now stock camping gear at reasonable prices, so you can pick up a new tent and sleeping bag for a fraction of the price.

A new fishing rod or tackle box with all the right gear is another great idea for the guys who love to wet a line on the weekend.

Gift cards

IF you are worried about out the right equipment for your man in the car or outdoors department, a gift idea is a fantastic way to ensure he gets what he wants. It also means so returning to the shop after Christmas to get a refund or exchange a gift.

Barbecue tools

ONE of the great things about living in Australia is enjoying a barbecue on the weekends.

Surprise your man with a new barbecue pack. Some of them include new tools, cleaning equipment, marinades, spices and more.

You man will love trying out new recipes with his new barbecue tools and ingredients.


IS your favourite guy a gamer? Or is he someone who likes to play with the latest gadgets?

Technology is quickly becoming a popular option for men of all ages.

If he has a gaming console, why not pick out one of the latest games to be released.

Items like cameras, iPads, drones, dvds and iTune vouchers are also great gift ideas to keep him happy all year round.

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