Allison Baden-Clay's parents

How murderer Gerard Baden-Clay is handling jail life

GERARD Baden-Clay has gone from wife murderer to prison schmoozer, earning extra privileges due to his "model" behaviour, sources have revealed.

The Courier-Mail has been told Baden-Clay's good behaviour has earned him an extra "buy-ups" at the prisoner canteen and possibly an extra weekly visit.

"He does everything he is asked to do," a source said. "When he approaches you he says: 'Excuse me, officer.' He is very polite.

Gerard Baden-Clay was sentenced in 2014 to serve a minimum 15 years in jail. Picture: Nathan Richter
Gerard Baden-Clay was sentenced in 2014 to serve a minimum 15 years in jail. Picture: Nathan Richter

"He is not demanding. It's just his nature, I think. He's a very typical real estate salesman, he's a conman."

Housed in Brisbane's Wolston jail, with other killers and hundreds of the state's sickest sex offenders, Baden-Clay has kept out of trouble and sticks to a close circle of friends.

He was jailed in 2014 for a minimum of 15 years for murdering his wife, Allison, who disappeared from the couple's Brookfield home in April 2012.

Her body was found 10 days later under the Kholo Creek Bridge at Anstead.

A source said Baden-Clay, 47, had a job in prison industries and "you never hear from him".

"If they don't have breaches, they get an extra visit, extra things on their buy-up," the source said.

"Same with (Daniel Morcombe killer) Brett Cowan, you never hear from him. They don't want to be known around the general population.

Prisoners can buy toiletries, food and snacks such as chips and chocolate bars from the canteen.

It's unclear who would use the extra visit to Baden-Clay who last year tried to open communication with his daughters but was banned from any ­contact.

Prison sources said Baden-Clay could even end up in the cushy residential section of the jail in coming years if he continues his good ­behaviour.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said he was unable to comment about individual prisoners.

He said Wolston operated an Incentives and Enhancements Program (IEP) that applied to all prisoners.

Wolston had a program that allowed prisoners to work through levels and they received increased access to buy-up arrangements.

"The underlying purpose of any IEPs is to address negative behaviour and improve staff safety by establishing a prison environment with increased control measures for prisoners with restricted privileges," the spokesman said.

"Processes are also in place for managing breaches of discipline while in custody."

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