YOUR SAY: G20 plan infringes on our 'freedoms'

IN LIGHT of recent events it's hard to believe we live in a democracy.

When the world's leaders gather in Brisbane on November 15-16 this year for the G20 meeting, you how it feels to live in a fascist totalitarian state.

The latest act perpetuated on us by Newman and his cohorts is the G20 Safety and Security Bill passed by the Queensland parliament.

Under its mandate you can legally be arrested without cause detained without charge and strip searched without a warrant.

Our State Government, of course, claims this is being done to guarantee public safety.

It should be seen for what it really is - a clash of civil liberties.

I view this terrorism hype as scaremongering to circumvent the existing laws.

A tactic successfully applied by other dictators.

Someone should remind Mr Newman he isn't in the army anymore and the rules are different for civilians.

Contained in the document according to those privy to it the word power appears 114 times and the word liberty zero.

But just what is G20? The G20 is a little get together held annually at a different venue for finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 major economies, 19 countries plus the European Union.

Cynics have dubbed it a meeting of the fat cats.

G20s are very contentious and provoke violent protests from radical groups, human rights groups, anarchist groups, green groups, environmentalists, unions and Greenpeace.

In previous venues such as London and Toronto they have led to riots and violent damaging protests.

These are usually precipitated by the authorities when attempting to suppress peaceful protests.

This has the result of costing the host cities more than their expected financial windfall.

Mr Newman has been warned by other city officials to shun this event like the plague but to no avail.

Perhaps seeing he has sold off half the state he views this as an opportunity to display for sale and lease signs to the foreigners.

Rather than being a bad thing peaceful protests should be viewed as an experiment in direct democracy.

So Mr Newman back off, you've done enough damage to our system and sold enough of our treasures.

This time however, you are treading on dangerous and hallowed turf by interfering with our basic freedoms.



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