G20 to boost regional tourism

TOURISM and Events Queensland believe hosting the G20 World Leaders Summit will generate global exposure for the state's regional tourism destinations.

A spokeswoman for the organisation said hosting the summit presented a significant opportunity for Queensland's destinations to the world.

She said Tourism and Events Queensland had partnered with regional tourism organisations to develop travel itineraries for delegates and media to explore the state's abundant tourism destinations

"Queensland provides delegates with the opportunity to experience Australia's laidback lifestyle, offering plenty of sunshine, breathtaking scenery and unique nature and wildlife," she said.

"Increased media interest will produce long-term economic benefits for regional Queensland as people around the world learn of its appeal as a business, study and leisure destination.

"With 13 diverse destinations offering distinctive and captivating experiences for travellers of all interests, those visiting Queensland for the G20 have plenty to choose from in the way of regional tourism experiences."



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