Funding for local sports groups

A State Government initiative known as the ‘Return to Play’ plan will see more than $51.3 million assigned to support sport and recreational organisations affected by COVID-19.

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen said the initiative was needed to help clubs get back on their feet.

“This is about how we get our sporting clubs and recreational organisations back up and running.

The State Government plan will be split into four funding grant programs each aimed at helping different sectors of the sporting industry in Queensland.

“The first one is about $14 million in what we’re calling COVID SAFE Active Club Kickstart,” Mrs Mullen said.

“It is a $2000 grant to help fund things like hygiene supplies and products to help these clubs return to play.

“Clubs can even use the funds for things like utilities and bills.”

There will also be a grant program aimed at supporting larger state sporting organisations.

“There is some funding called the Active Industry Fund,” Mrs Mullen said.

“We’ve got to remember that there are so many state level sporting organisations and peak industry bodies that are really trying to help smaller clubs within there codes.

“So there will be some funds for them – about $10.8 million which will help to fund about 77 of those organisations.”

The State Government has also committed $15.5 million for a funds grant called the Active Restart Infrastructure Recovery Fund which will help local sporting clubs buy equipment.

The ‘Return to Play’ plan will also help out Queensland families.

“For families who have been impacted by COVID-19 particularly financially, we have $11 million for Fair Play Vouchers, which is very popular, and this will provide vouchers of up to $150 for young Queenslanders to be able to pay for their sign-up fees,” Mrs Mullen said.

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