Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones
Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones

Funding fine but levees still far off

THE construction of flood levees in the Lockyer Valley is still a long way off, the region's mayor has warned.

While Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones has welcomed State Government funding for the planning and studies needed for the building of levees to mitigate flood risk, he's warned residents the projects are still in the future.

Cr Steve Jones said that while the council was grateful for the money that would mean the start of planning for levees to be erected in Laidley and Forest Hill, he said both projects were still in the infant stages.

"At this stage all we have really done is accept the money and start to look at where it is feasible to establish the levees," he said.

"We still need to determine exactly where the levees will go and start the community consultation process."

The State Government announced $2.3 million of funding would be provided for the construction of a 3km levee around Forest Hill and a 7km levee around Laidley early this week.

The funding includes overland flow maps for Plainland, Gatton South and Summerholm areas and a comprehensive flood study for Regency Downs, and planning and approvals to increase Gatton Creek capacity.

However, Cr Jones urged Lockyer Valley residents to stay vigilant over summer with the levee still just a proposal.

"What is paramount throughout this process is the well-being of residents," he said.

"Every decision will be made with the best interests of locals in mind with the entire process being fully open and transparent.

"I reiterate that these communities will be consulted with the results of the studies into the best location for the levees before any construction begins."

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