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Frustrated Ipswich teams focus on FFA Cup games

FINGERS crossed it will be dry enough for his frustrated football team to at least enjoy another FFA Cup match at Brassall on Tuesday night.

That's the hope of Ipswich City Bulls head coach Norbert Duga after his team's second Capital League 1 premiership washout on Saturday night.

The Bulls were scheduled to play Annerley at their Sutton Park base before the field was too wet to play on again.

Having to also play a round one local derby against Western Spirit, Duga was today anxious to get his team on the field Tuesday night.

That is for the next stage of the FFA Cup preliminary rounds where the Bulls host Bayside United at 7.30pm.

"We should be at full strength,'' Duga said.

Western Spirit also have their latest FFA Cup game on the same night against Annerley at Elder Oval.

But while the Bulls lament two early washouts, at least Western Spirit's top side and Reserve Grade outfit completed their latest CL1 competition games.

Spirit's first grade side lost 5-3 to New Farm United on Saturday, having six regular starting players out.

The disappointing performance came after Spirit had beaten Moggill 3-2 in their previous game.

Loyal clubman Chris Morrall urged a number of the top team players to reflect on their season so far.

"We are doing quite well at training but some players are a bit hot and cold,'' he said.

"They probably need to take a good hard look at themselves on the field and take responsibility for themselves and helping the team. They have to realise they are not David Beckham.''

Spirit's Reserve Grade team played a 2-2 draw on Saturday, after beating Moggill 1-0 a week earlier.

"I've got a really good squad this year,'' said Morrall, who is coaching the side.

"They are a little bit more structured and probably a bit more switched on than what we were last year.''

After Tuesday night's FFA Cup games, the Bulls tackle North Star at O'Callaghan Park on Sunday after Spirit play Park Ridge in their Saturday CL 1 match, also away.

State of play

CL1: New Farm United def Western Spirit 5-3. Reserves: Western Spirit drew New Farm United 2-2.

Ipswich City v Annerley to be rescheduled along with Bulls' Premier League women's match.

FFA Cup preliminary round 3: Tuesday night (7.30pm) - Ipswich City v Bayside United at Sutton Park, Brassall; Western Spirit v Annerley at Elder Oval.

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