CRAZY WEATHER: Close to record highs to warm chilly Ipswich

DON'T let this week's freezing mornings fool you, it's expected to be a little more like summer at the weekend.

Many Ipswich residents awoke to patches of frost across the region this morning as temperatures plummeted to below zero.

Ipswich dropped -0.2 degrees.

That's significantly cooler than the average July minimum of 5.4 degrees but nowhere near the record low of -4.8 degrees recorded 10 years ago, in 2007.

If you hate getting out of bed in the freezing cold, don't worry; the Bureau of Meteorology expects mornings to warm up a little over the next few days.

Tomorrow morning should be closer to five degrees, the BoM says, although that prediction could change throughout the day.

It all hinges on an air mass moving through the country's interior, bringing some moisture with it which should provide some relief from winter.

Meteorologist Andrew Bufalino said the lack of moisture combined with no cloud cover, with the region anchored under a high pressure system dominated by a dry air mass for the past few days, had created the perfect conditions for frost in Ipswich.

"That's been the case for the past two days," Mr Bufalino said.

"It will still be cold for the next few mornings, but we're expecting a minimum of five degrees tomorrow morning - although that could change throughout the day.

"(The conditions are) basically because it is so dry. It's the perfect conditions for warm days and cool nights."

While this morning was cold, today is expected to hit a warm 26 degrees.

For Saturday and Sunday, those maximums are predicted to hit 28 degrees, significantly above the July average for Ipswich of 21.2 degrees maximum, nudging the record for July.

If the predictions hold up, it will be perfect weather for the V8 Supercars event this weekend

The hottest July day on record was in 1958 when temperatures hit 29.6 degrees, according to the BoM records. 


  • Wednesday: Minimum of -0.2 degrees, top of 26 degrees
  • Thursday: Minimum of 5 degrees, top of 24 degrees
  • Friday: Minimum of 4 degrees, top of 25 degrees
  • Saturday: Minimum of 6 degrees, top of 28 degrees
  • Sunday: Minimum of 6 degrees, top of 28 degrees
  • Monday: Minimum of 9 degrees, top of 28 degrees

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