Freaky felines ready for show

SOME find these hairless critters a little creepy, but their owners say these cats are the friendliest felines around.

But whether you love or loathe them, Sphynx cats like Matau (pictured) are certainly an arresting sight.

Breeders Rodney McGregor and Sherin Henricksen, of Toowoomba, will bring their spooky brood of Sphynx and Devon Rex cats to Ipswich as part of the Queensland Independent Cat Council's Show tomorrow.

They will join a record 167 entrants from New South Wales and Queensland in the four-ring all-breed cat show to be held at the Redbank Collingwood Park Sports Complex from 9.30am.

The Sphynx, Bengal, Singapura and Egyptian Maus are just some of the exotic breeds that will feature at the competition, in which entrants will be judged on appearance, temperament, cleanliness and personality.

Cat fans are welcome to attend the show. Admission is $2.