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Brisbane Supreme District Court Rae Wilson

Fraud case adjourned for money count

A FORMER employee of a Forest Lake investment company will remain behind bars while lawyers determine exactly how much damage her fraud activities cost the business.

Augustine Heights resident Patty Boegheim, 41, was due to be sentenced in the Brisbane District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud.

But her defence lawyer Andrew Hoare asked for an adjournment so they could work out the total amount the company was out of pocket because Boegheim's actions.

The Director of Public Prosecutions believes it was $465,000.

But Mr Hoare said it was $230,000.

The court heard Boegheim took about $100,000 and a further $130,000 from third party credit cards to cover the initial fraud.

Prosecutor Catherine Birkett objected to the matter being adjourned.

"The matter needs to move forward. The fraud is very old now," she said.

The court heard the charges dated back to 2008 and 2009, when she was working for an investment company and stole money and bank credits.

While the court heard Boegheim took about $100,000 for herself, Ms Birkett said the amount of detriment this caused was a lot more.

"The detriment suffered by the company in these sorts of situations, this kind of fraud, can be a lot more than (what was) effectively taken home or gained by (Boegheim)," she said.

Judge Paul Smith said there was no material before the court to make the judgment and said it was appropriate to adjourn the case.

He said it was an important issue because it might lead to a contested sentence and evidence might need to be called.

It was adjourned until October 14. Ms Boegheim did not apply for bail.


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