Four sheep dead and 18 injured in dog attack

FOUR sheep have been attacked and killed by male Bull Arab dogs at a Mutdapilly property with another 18 injured in the savage mauling.

The attack by two dogs on the 22 sheep was reported to Ipswich City Council on Thursday afternoon.

Two council officers attended the scene and discovered four sheep were dead.

It follows a previous attack that left 14 sheep either dead or badly mauled at a North Booval property in December last year.

The earlier attack also involved a large male Bull Arab-cross, along with a staffy.

Cr Andrew Antoniolli said a vet was called to the Mutdapilly property to assist the owner with the treatment of the surviving sheep in last week's attack.

"The offending male Bull Arab dogs were captured and were described as highly aggressive," Cr Antoniolli said.

The dogs were being kept in the pound while investigations were continuing over the holiday weekend.

Cr Antoniolli said the attack was a "harrowing" episode for the sheep by two aggressive dogs, which took a good deal of subduing by the council handlers.

"It has been a couple of months since we had the last attack on sheep down at North Booval," Cr Antoniolli said.

"It just continues to highlight to people who have got dogs anywhere near areas with livestock in particular, to ensure that they keep their dogs contained."

Police attended and shot the offending dogs in the North Booval incident back in December.

Most of the attacked sheep were dead when the owner discovered them, with a few more having to be euthanised due to their extreme distress

The QT reported at the time how that incident was the second roaming dog attack on that property in a 12-month period.

Dog attacks on livestock have occurred on a semi-regular basis over recent years.

Another North Booval resident lost five sheep and 10 chickens in two separate dog attacks in early 2011.

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