GOOD MATES: Four-piece band Shag Rock is this week's featured artist. Scan the QR codes below to see and hear them.
GOOD MATES: Four-piece band Shag Rock is this week's featured artist. Scan the QR codes below to see and hear them. USQ

Four-piece works hard to deliver good vibes

EMERGE'S Calen Le Couteur recently caught up with Jacob Reed from four-piece Shag Rock to talk about their beginnings and what they have got in store for 2017.

C: How did you first get into music?

J: We probably have to thank our parents for that, just listened to heaps of music when we were young.

C: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

J: A lot of pretty chill stuff like Jack Johnson, a lot of Powderfinger. They have been a big influence for us. Then we all picked up our respective instruments, gave it a crack and loved it.

C: How did Shag Rock first form?

J: It formed back in high school, it used to be a five piece. We were all just mates at school who decided to come together. Two of

the members left because they wanted to focus on university, then that's how

we found our new drummer this year and it's been awesome.

C: Can you tell me a little about your latest single Road Trip?

J: Yeah it's kind of a preview for us going on an actual road trip next year. We've got our big Australia tour, where we are going to all sorts of regional places. We are all really keen for that. It came about from a little acoustic jam, this single. We took it to the band room and it got a lot fuller. It was pretty sparse at the start, then it turned into a more summery track.

C: Do you usually work out the instrumentation before the lyrics?

J: Yeah so personally I sort of match the lyrics to the vibe of the instrumentation, depending on how I'm feeling.

C: How did the gig at The Woolly Mammoth go?

J: It was nuts, a really good turn-out and the crowd was just vibing really well.

C: Had you guys played there before?

J: Well we played there way back when it was called The Treehouse, and yeah it's a great stage with great people. It was really cool to see people singing along to some of our songs, it was just an unreal feeling.

C: Which venues have stood out this year as favourites of the band to perform at?

J: Our favourite would have to be The Northern at Byron, just because you always get heaps of walk-ins and it's a great crowd. We kind of just love the Byron trip anyway. It was also really fun playing at Stag and Hunter at Newcastle a month or so ago, and we'd never really done a big road trip like that, so that was fun just because of the whole three-day Newcastle there and back trip.

C: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

J: Surfing would have to be our biggest hobby, not everyone in the band surfs. Some of the others just give it a crack still, and its just great when we have a gig to just fill in some time and catch a bit of a break.

It makes gigging so much fun having that on the side as well.

C: Who are some of your influences?

J: Yeah so Powderfinger are probably the biggest one, just as a big sort of full rock band and they are so prolific. We really like Violent Soho as well, and Ball Park Music is another one of our influences. They just write so well and they are a great live band.

C: Do you have a favourite album of 2016?

J: Yeah, on behalf of the band we would have to say the Sticky Fingers' album Westway (The Glitter & The Slums).

C: How was it performing at The Jungle Love Festival?

J: That was our first festival and it was so much fun. It was the biggest stage I've ever played on, there was heaps of room to run around. It was just a really different experience, also we got really lucky cause we played in the morning and as soon as we finished it started pouring down rain.

It was absolutely bucketing for the rest of the day, everyone kind of got around it though and just danced in the rain which was cool.

C: Any idea when the album should be coming out?

J: Our album is set to be released in March, if not late February if we are really onto everything.

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