DJ's Electric Motor and Pump Centre owners Janet and Darryl Trapp.
DJ's Electric Motor and Pump Centre owners Janet and Darryl Trapp. Rob Williams

Forty years a testament to hard work

SMALL business is not for the faint hearted, well proven by the tenacity of Darryl and Janet Trapp, owners of DJ's Electric Motor & Pump Centre.

They have just chalked up 40 years of service to the Ipswich and surrounding districts, a milestone for any business.

DJ's Electric Motor & Pump Centre provide a range of services including a full range of household, industrial and agricultural pumps, electric motors, generators, pool and spa equipment, pipes and fittings, water filtration and spray equipment and chemicals. They also provide onsite or in workshop servicing.

Darryl Trapp is an unassuming man bringing a wealth of experience to the family business,

Darryl and Janet have carved a niche for themselves, providing excellent service to customers and always carrying out business with integrity.

The current location at the corner of Parrott Street and Briggs Road is a recent home for the business. "I started out working part time in the business back in 1976. It was home based at the time and we traded as DJ's Auto Rewinds," he said.

A member of the RAAF, Darryl kicked off his career in 1969 and found himself at the Williamtown base.

"They should have been here in 1968 but with delays, they did not come until 1972. At that time I was trained in motor re-winding and aircraft work as well. I came back to Amberley in 1970 where I started to work on Phantoms until the F-111's arrived," Darryl Trapp said.

While this 40-year adventure started out with him "dabbling with re-winding washing machine motors," it provided a pathway out of the RAAF, which he did in 1979 to launch into his own business. He moved the operation away from home to Mining Street at Bundamba where he rented premises until he could buy land almost opposite from where he was renting. He built his own workshop on their land in 1985. "This was my first mistake," he said. The 'mistake' was building so close to the Bundamba Creek that was to cause them near annihilation during floods 1991 and 2011.

"We established the company in 1982 and traded from then on as DJ's Electric Motor & Pump Centre."

The business has changed focus over the years; doing bigger motors and working on washing machines through to industrial factories and farms.

"At the same time we had the tradesman's centre selling a range of retail products," He said.

The 1991 and later 2011 floods ' almost wiped us out' he said, but each obstacle provided a new opportunity.

Darryl and Janet sold off the motor re-winding part of the business and after 2011 decided to focus on pump sales and service.

"This was literally a leap of faith and we have been blessed in this decision," he said.

Briggs Road gives them a perfect location, 'high and dry' for the future. He has built up a strong team; each bringing a depth of knowledge and expertise that supports the business growth.

"We are service agents for major brands of pumps and business is growing."

Join Darryl and Janet, their current and past staff on Saturday, October 22, for a day of celebrations with demonstrations, promotions and a sausage sizzle.

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