JOURNEY: Peter Brown sailed from Scotland for Queensland in the ship Duke of Newcastle.
JOURNEY: Peter Brown sailed from Scotland for Queensland in the ship Duke of Newcastle.

Former mayor made the city great

BROWN'S Park North Ipswich was named after a former Mayor of Ipswich, Peter Brown.

Prior to this the Park was known as Four Gates Park as it had four entrances - one at each corner.

Mr Brown sailed from Scotland for Queensland in the ship Duke of Newcastle around 1862.

On arrival in the colony, Mr Brown came to Ipswich and spent most of his life here.

He died in June 1900.

As a building contractor, he erected a number of the principal business premises in town, among them the building society's hall and offices in East St, the North Star Hotel, in Brisbane St, Mr F. Goleby's premises in Brisbane St, some of the railway workshops on the flat in North Ipswich, the railway store and the Sandy Gallop lunatic asylum.

Mr Brown served on the municipal council from the year 1878 and he occupied the mayoral chair for five terms - 1880, 1887, 1888, 1890 and 1900 - and as a member of the works committee on the committee of the municipality, he was a great acquisition.

During his time in Ipswich, not only did he serve as mayor, he was also on the directorate of the Ipswich gas company, a member of the board of directors on the Ipswich and West Moreton Permanent Building Society, as a trustee of the Ipswich Girls' Grammar School and chairman of the Trustees of the Ipswich Cemetery.

He was a member of the committee of the Central School for Girls and Infants and was associated with the local Masonic Lodge under the Scottish Constitution and was on three different occasions master of the Lodge.

Peter Brown was awarded a public funeral which left from his home on the corner of Brisbane and Milford Sts.

He left a wife, Jessie, and three children, Jessie Elizabeth, James Alexander and Annie Gruer, who eventually married Pearson Cameron, who also served as mayor of Ipswich in 1917.



Harry Green's Commonwealth Hotel was described in a Christmas feature of December 4, 1914. The article said the hotel was improved to a wonderful extent during 1913.

A building at the rear was now a mineral water factory which turned out products of the highest class as only filtered water was used in the manufacture.

The hotel was lit by an electric plant which proved a great boon to guest and boarders.

The bathroom, dining room and all the bedrooms were lit and electric fans were installed in the dining room and bar and the fans made it one of the coolest hotels in Ipswich.

Considering these advantages, the tariff of five shillings a day was very reasonable.



Looking back on the enjoyment I received from being in some of the stage productions or as a member of the audience at the Ipswich Town Hall in 1960, I hope readers will also give a thought to the wonderful and talented people who worked so hard to bring live theatre to them as groups of today still do.

Groups entertaining in 1960 were the Ipswich Little Theatre Society, The Lyric Music Club, The Intermediate Choral Society, the Brightlights Entertainment C Company, Ipswich Eisteddfod Group.

Members of all groups in the district were brought together for the production of Pygmalion by the Ipswich branch of the Arts Council of Australia.



A person in the 1900s wrote that he called in to see James Cronin, the head teacher at the Walloon State School.

He told the visitor that the school was opened on July 9, 1877, and three of the students enrolled on that day were Charles, Alice and Elizbeth Hain, and there were 38 others.

At one time the school was termed The Walloon Scrub State School and again The Walloon Mixed State School.

The following were the names of the different head teachers since 1877 - Messrs A.B. Kemp, Frederick Sturgess (ho had previously been a master at the Ipswich Grammar School), C. Tremlow (Bundamba) and Mr Cronin.

The headmaster informed the writer that tennis was being enthusiastically entered.

Both young and old were instructed in the game by the teachers and certain days were set apart on which each of the grades could practise the game to a good standard.

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