Former Ipswich mayoral candidate suing council

A FORMER Ipswich mayoral candidate is suing Councillor Paul Tully and Ipswich City Council.

Patricia Petersen (pictured) said she filed the documents against Cr Tully and the council in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

"It is on the public record I lodged document with Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday in respect to Councillor (Paul) Tully and Ipswich City Council," she said.

"Out of respect for the court process I can't comment further publicly on this matter."

Dr Patricia Petersen.
Dr Patricia Petersen. Contributed

Ms Petersen said the matter was separate to another before Ipswich Magistrates Court in which she is charged for making threats.

The 53-year-old was charged in September after she was accused of threatening Cr Paul Tully.

She has been charged with one count of making threats. Dr Petersen denies any wrongdoing.

Cr Paul Tully.
Cr Paul Tully. Sarah Harvey

Dr Petersen has made several unsuccessful attempts at running for public office over the past decade, including campaigns for local council, the state seat of Bundamba and the Federal seat of Blair but most recently, she ran for mayor in the by-election that was called following the sudden resignation of Paul Pisasale.

An Ipswich City Council spokesperson said the council was served with a Magistrates Court claim by Ms Dr Petersen on Wednesday.

"The claim has been referred to council insurers," the spokesperson said.

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