SKILLS AND CUNNING: IGS Old Boys reunite for a memorable game.
SKILLS AND CUNNING: IGS Old Boys reunite for a memorable game. CONTRIBUTED

Former IGS students enjoy bouncing memories

IPSWICH Grammar School rekindled some fine basketball memories and skills as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations.

More than 40 former IGS students and basketball players gathered last Friday night and Saturday for a reunion and awards to mark the school's milestone. It was also the 30th anniversary of GPS basketball.

Two games were played on Friday night at the recently renovated IGS Gymnasium, affectionately known as "The Coalpit".

The "social game" was played first.

Although the pace was a little slower and the leaping lower, some of the old skills and a lot of cunning remained.

Former state representatives Gilbert Gavars, Kyle Press and Peter Edwards - from Ipswich Grammar's successful 1984 team - led the charge against the younger "Deadly'' Dave Cole and Steven "Who" Mynott.

In the "competitive" game, recent graduates Ryan Baldry, Matt Murray and Ewan Winter mixed it up with seasoned veterans including Eugene "The Rock" Reichmann and Curtis "The Blurr" Healy.

On Saturday, the former greats watched the undefeated IGS First Five overcome Toowoomba Grammar 100-47 in a dominant display, before moving on to see the IGS First XV also record a victory.

Later that evening, 1990 basketball captain and IGS basketball tragic David Hertweck hosted the IGS Oldballers Hall of Fame awards and dinner.

A special moment was a live phone link with Loretta Rima, widow of legendary IGS coach and teacher Dick Rima.

State, national and NBL representatives were recognised as well as those who have made a significant contribution to the development of the sport.

"It was a great opportunity to relive the glory years and reflect that the older we get, the better we were,'' Hall of Fame coach Mike Murray said.

Mark Fancourt and Maggie Chay worked hard organising the celebration.

IGS Hall Of Fame inductees

  • 1961: Joe Wong.
  • The 80s: Kyle Press, Peter Edwards, Gilbert Gavars, Brad Mensforth, Albert Momberger, Erich Momberger, Craig Cuts, Ross Thursby, Matt Armstrong, Neil Davidson.
  • The 90s: Luke Hedges, Daniel George, Brendan Beak, Bruce Hamilton, Erik Van As, Adam Duus, Matt Ireland, David Hertweck.
  • The 00s: Chris Myatt, Louis Beak, Nathan Niesler, Marco Sipka, Damien Bonney, Zac Carter, Marc Roetteler, Matthew Hodgson.
  • Coaches: Mike Murray, Peter Cleave, Maggie Chay, Dick Rima, Andrew Walsh, Danny Breen, Mike Wellings.

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