Former dealer told he’s ‘staring down the barrel’

A FORMER ice dealer has been busted with a stolen camera after police found details of the owner on its memory card.

With the remnants of a seven-year Supreme Court jail term still hanging over his head, Raymond James Dhu was warned by an Ipswich magistrate that he should be on his best behaviour.

Now back in custody for a parole breach, Dhu appeared from jail via video link at Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Raymond James Dhu, 35, from Bellbird Park, pleaded guilty on Thursday to receiving tainted property at Redbank Plains on June 17.

Prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said when police searched a house at Redbank Plains where Dhu had been sleeping on a couch, they found two cameras inside his black carry bag.

A check of a memory card inside a Canon camera held the name and contact details of its owner.

The man was contacted and he told police it was his Canon camera that was stolen in March 2019 in a burglary at a house in Augustine Heights.

Defence lawyer James Wallace said Dhu had been returned to custody after his urine analysis tested positive.

Mr Wallace said it was a relatively low-level offence and he sought a fine.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said Dhu received a serious penalty in 2015 for drug offences.

“If I was staring down the barrel of a seven-year sentence I’d be on my best behaviour,” Mr Kinsella reminded Dhu about breaching his parole.

Mr Wallace said Dhu had “a long-term drug problem”.

“It is unfortunate he got the camera. He did not steal it; he simply paid a person money for it.

“He is well aware that he could remain in custody until his parole is decided. He was working until an accident.”

Mr Kinsella said Dhu was on parole for trafficking Schedule 1 dangerous drugs (methylamphetamine) and his parole was suspended since October 20 after breaching it with a drug positive urine test.

He warned Dhu he would end up serving more of the seven year sentence if he kept offending.

Dhu was convicted of the offence and not further punished.

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