'Forget Costco, go local'

MULTINATIONAL: The Ipswich retail pie is not like a Costco pizza.
MULTINATIONAL: The Ipswich retail pie is not like a Costco pizza. Bidgee / CC-BY-SA-3.0

I'M CONFUSED. One day we are out trying to get our town centre and mall filled with retailers, then on the next we are wanting another multitnational like Costco introduced.

The Ipswich retail pie is not like a Costco pizza. Their is only so much money to go around and another player means a smaller piece for the existing ones so of we want to expand the city centre the logic just doesn't stack up.

Managed expansion is a skill overlooked by many of our elected representatives wanting their photos taken with silver shovels and Hi Vis Vests.

Let's support our existing businesses and employers first, let them build, then consider if we have the population base because when a big player arrives the fist to go are the Mum and Dad shows that actually know your name.



Retailer needs more Aussie made goods

COSTCO for Ipswich?

Yes it would be great for jobs, but it would be even better if they sourced more Australian made goods.

It seemed to us a lot of their packaged and canned items were from China. Not so good.

MICK TAYLOR Redbank Plains

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