Hey Mumma private or public schooling

'Forget public vs private, it's teachers who make it work'

We're talking education and schooling this week in Hey Mumma.

We asked you: Public versus private schooling - is one better than the other? Where do you stand?

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Kayley Giboulot - Not a fan of this question. Public vs private. More like people with money vs people without. Schooling is a privilege, teach your kids the right ways they will learn to appreciate it and excel in life. Natasha Boo -Education should never be a privilege. Education should be a right. By educating our people, we have the ability to make a better future for the country.

Jazmyne Ford - To me it isn't about public and private but the quality of the teachers! I went to both public and private and my grades weren't dependant on schools but the quality of the teacher I had.

Jan Irving - Having worked in public secondary education for 20 years I can honestly say that mid year we would get the intake from the private schools of students who were encouraged to move from private schools to public schools. Many were arrogant but not academically focussed. It is true that private schools usually rate well but that is because they reject their 'failures'. Many never survive tertiary studies though as they often lack survival skills necessary in the general workplace. This is where public schools have it over private schools. It is the TEACHERS who make it work for the kids... perhaps this is where the focus should be.

James Jeffery - The teachers are all taught at the same colleges. I don't think the schooling is any better. Kids either want to learn or not, don't matter what school they're in.

Bec Clarke - Private with most schools. My eldest went to public bulling was terrible and nothing being done excuses made about the children's home life. Because of her IQ results they told me as did many public schools that they couldn't help me with her because she would need a teachers aide to keep up with her and she had already read all the education dept funded school books we don't know what to do with her. Private welcomed her with open arms and pushed her more to excel. Although budget is extremely tight my kids are getting a great education and any bulling gets stamped on.

Rachael Goodes - If public schools had the amount of money to throw around like private schools do, this question wouldnt need to be asked. You are basically paying for the reputation of the private school and with high schools, paying to guarantee better overall OP scores. Both types of schools have their naughty students who act up, bully etc. Its not exclusive to public. Education shouldnt have to have a price tag on it. We all want our kids to learn and do the best that they can do and money shouldnt get in the way of that.

Kym Adamson - This is another argument that keeps being dragged up. The school that best suits your child's needs/abilities/interests is the better option, regardless of it being a public, non government or private school.

Melissa Faye - If the kids want to learn it doesn't matter whether it's public or private. There is good and bad for both.

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