LATEST (Tuesday): AFTER Monday's storm prediction fizzled out, the BoM is again warning of storms as Ipswich residents sweat through a humid morning. FULL STORY


UPDATE 5PM: Cancellation Severe Thunderstorm Warning - Southeast Queensland for people in Gympie, Somerset, Sunshine Coast and Noosa council areas.

Severe thunderstorms are no longer affecting the Southeast Queensland area (east of Dalby from Rainbow Beach to Stanthorpe).

The immediate threat of severe thunderstorms has passed, but the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings will be issued if necessary.

A more general severe thunderstorm warning remains current for parts of the Wide Bay and Burnett district.


WARNING: More severe storms forecast for Ipswich, surrounds

EARLIER: Ipswich residents should expect a repeat of yesterday's storms.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted thunderstorms storms to develop again across the southeast this afternoon.

Conditions are similar to yesterday - hot, humid and tipped to reach 38 degrees in Ipswich.

That forecast carries through the week with maximum temperatures sitting just under 40 degrees and the chance of gusty thunderstorms every day.

BoM meteorologist Annabelle Ford said the heat and humidity would contribute to instability creating ripe conditions for thunderstorms.

"We've also had a bit of an upper trough going through southeast Queensland which contributes to that instability," Ms Ford said.

Yesterday's storms wreaked havoc across the southeast.

The strongest wind gusts - 111 km h - were recorded in the Moreton Bay area.

In parts of Ipswich the wind was strong enough to knock over wheelie bins and at Wulkuraka send a trampoline flying.

Today the BoM confirmed Amberley weather station recorded wind gusts up to 88km h.


Heatwave conditions for three days from Monday, February 12. Source: BoM.
Heatwave conditions for three days from Monday, February 12. Source: BoM.


At noon on Monday, more than 40,000 homes were still without power; mostly in the Logan City area.

Energex continues work to bring power back on. 

Ms Ford said Ipswich residents should keep an eye out for storm warnings.



EXTREME HEAT: Health warning issued 'stay inside'

QUEENSLAND is part way through heatwave which began on Friday and will last until Thursday. 

QAS Director of Operations David Hartley said staying indoors was the best way to guard against heat related illness.

Mr Hartley said dizziness, vomiting and nausea could be signs of heat stress.

"In extreme cases, heat stroke can lead to unconsciousness," Mr Hartley said.

"Stay inside as much as you can."


West Moreton Health's Executive Director Medical Services Dr Eleri Carrahar reminded people how easy it could be to become dehydrated or overheated during extreme conditions.

"While extreme heat can affect anyone, the sick, elderly, babies, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers, are particularly vulnerable to the heat," Dr Eleri Carrahar said.

"Heat exhaustion, heat stroke or heat cramps are just a few heat-related health concerns we see during heat spikes or waves. Symptoms for these can range from loss of appetite, weakness, headaches and vomiting to feeling faint and dizzy."

  • Feeling unwell? Call 13 HEALTH for advice from a registered nurse.

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