Flyers' hat-trick hopes shattered

CONSECUTIVE titles meant nothing when it came to the crunch for the Ipswich Flyers.

The Flyers' dreams of a third straight Mount Franklin Challenge title ended with a 12-point semi-final loss to minor premiers Macgregor at the State Netball Centre.

Macgregor meets Warwick in the grand final on Friday.

They are the two teams the Flyers failed to beat this season.

But Flyers player Tara Bramwell refuses to buy into the possibility that maybe her team had just met its match.

"I honestly don't know," Bramwell said when asked what went wrong.

"We weren't down by that much going into the third quarter.

"I think we could have had it."

The Flyers were unable to rein in the Macgregor attack, with wing defence Bramwell given a workout by her opposite wing attack.

"They're quick at the attack end," Bramwell said.

"Their wing attack, goal attack and two centre courters.

"Their wing attack is a good little player."

The Flyers started well and kept in touch throughout.

It was only the final quarter, where the Flyers usually back themselves to emerge on top, that they fell short.

"We started hard," Bramwell said. "It was good.

"We looked like we had control of the game. We just had to stick in there for four quarters, which we couldn't do."

Bramwell gave raps to the Flyers mid-court duo Taylah Rosin and Sarah Jackson for being the best in a losing case.

For Bramwell, like most of her teammates, it was a strange feeling being bundled out before the grand final.

"It sucks," Bramwell said.

"In my first year we lost in the semi-final but won the other two.

"You can't do much about it."

Helping Bramwell ease the pain is the knowledge she departs on a plane this week for a five-week holiday in England and France.

Despite that, her thoughts have already turned to next season with the Flyers.

"I hate having a break," she said of the off-season.

"It's a long season and I complain about it but I love playing for the Flyers."

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