LETTERS: Flaws in new transport plan can be fixed

I READ with interest the article on Page 5 of Saturday's QT regarding a transport plan for Ipswich and South East Queensland but there seems to be on glaring omission on all the planning.

Whilst I agree that road transport would seem to be an absolute necessity in future planning there does not seem too much planning to reduce the reliability of this and replace with public transport.

There is mention of extending the railway from Springfield to Redbank Plains but what is the outcome of this extension?

May I suggest it will be exactly what the Springfield railway now manages to achieve, and that is to funnel all rail passengers to Brisbane.

Springfield is, whether residents like it or not, a suburb of Ipswich as is Redbank Plains, yet no provisions seem to be planned to allow residents direct access to the CBD of the town in which they reside.

I recall that big plans at one time appeared showing a rail extension through Redbank Plains, Ripley, Yamanto and connecting with the Main Western Line at Ipswich.

What has happened to this sensible railway extension?

A suburb with an estimated population of 120,000 is being promoted at Ripley but how are people going to get to and from Ripley?

I have some mature-age friends living at Ripley and they are concerned as to what transport is going to be available if they are no longer capable of driving a motor vehicle.

This question also applies to young people who do not have a driver's licence or motor vehicle. Surely a suburb of 120,000 is capable of supplying enough patronage to support a railway line which can take passengers to the CBD of the city in which they reside or to Brisbane.

The lack of rail access to Ripley especially, could cause deadlock traffic jams on the Centenary Way and on the Cunningham Hwy as it would seen that these roads provide the only access along with congested suburban roads in Raceview/Flinders View area.

The plans mooted would seek to indicate that the only people of interest to the planners are the Brisbane businesses that will profit from the railways that drain residents of Ipswich to Brisbane by denying direct rail access to the Ipswich CBD.

Where is the concern for Ipswich businesses?

I look forward to upgraded plans that recognise that Springfield, Redbank Plains, Ripley are suburbs of Ipswich and deserve direct access to the centre of their city.



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