Flavour of Ipswich wins global awards

Naoyuki Kiutajima from Dancing Bean Espresso has won multiple awards for his coffee beans
Naoyuki Kiutajima from Dancing Bean Espresso has won multiple awards for his coffee beans Rob Williams

THE taste of Ipswich has won worldwide awards.

This year Dancing Bean coffee roaster Naoyuki Kitajima entered his special brew, roasted specifically created for Ipswich, in the Compak Golden Bean Roasting Competition.

This week three medals arrived in the mail; two silver and one bronze.

It's not the first time Naoyuki has awards for his ability to match flavours, but it is the first time he's won for the Ipswich blend, created at Mayor Paul Pisasale's request.

So what does Ipswich taste like?

"It's a full bodied coffee with chocolate up front and a nice fruity finish,” Naoyuki said.

"People in the south of Australia like more of the fruity notes while people in the north like more chocolate.

"I wanted to create something in between.... There is a nice mix of culture here in Ipswich so I thought a nice balance between those flavours would be a good way to represent the city.”

It usually takes Naoyuki, who has been a coffee roaster for the best part of a decade, at least a month to prepare a new blend.

He prepared the Ipswich blend much faster to ensure it was ready for the competition in November, but admits he'd been mulling it over for some time before that.

"Creating a new blend is a little bit like cooking,” Naoyuki said.

"Different beans have different qualities with good points and not so good points.

"I try to highlight all the good characteristics of the beans and mix them in a way that accentuates all those good traits.

"The chemistry behind it is quite complicated. It's easy to identify a flavour of one single bean but once you mix two beans together all the chemicals interact with each other and create a new flavour.”

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