EMERGE's Calen Le Couteur recently spoke with Nathan Kendall from Brisbane five-piece The Jensens to talk about their latest single Emotion and what they've got in store for the rest of 2017.

C: Earlier this year, you released your sophomore EP, Sexless, how has the reception been?

N: It's been pretty good, we had a pretty low-key release for the EP. Most of the songs from the EP we've had since we started the band, the first song, Bones, was one of the first songs Joe and I ever wrote.

It might have come out later than we would have wanted, we didn't tour the EP or anything we kind of had the songs for so long that we just wanted to get them out there.

C: Can you tell me about single Emotion?

N: At the start of the year, before we released Sexless, we decided we wanted to make a new set because we've played a very similar set apart from four or five songs for a couple of years.

It's changed quite a bit but it's mostly the same songs so we really wanted to take a big step in terms of getting fresh material.

The focus this year was to write a new set - Emotion is one of five we wrote in the first six months of this year. We recorded the songs ourselves at home and Bodi took the reins on it.

The song is all the things we've always wanted to put in a song, its long, progressive and it's got saxophone, strings and has a choir section in there.

There were no restrictions; we just wanted to put it all in this one song.

C: Can we expect more lengthy epics in the future?

N: The four other songs we wrote are more progressive, and are between six and eight minutes.

It was probably a reaction from the songs we did previously, you know exclusively around three and a half minute surf rock, keeping it short and sharp. Now we wanted to have the time to explore the ideas, and take it as far we could in a way that didn't make us rush anything.

C: Which gigs of The Jensens have stood out as highlights so far in your career?

N: My favourite gig was probably Jungle Love last September, it's a beautiful festival on the Sunshine Coast near a beautiful lake, its pretty low key with only a couple thousand people there.

We were lucky enough to play last year and it was awesome, we had a couple people help us out, Morgan from Shady Bliss played keyboard and our friend Jack Hunter playing bongos and percussion. Any gig which the first three rows are our friends, it's always such a beautiful thing. Another standout was when we played with the Last Dinosaurs at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

DREAM: The Jensens say they would love to play at The Tivoli one day.
DREAM: The Jensens say they would love to play at The Tivoli one day.


C: Who are some of your favourite Queensland bands?

N: A couple of nights ago I saw Twin Haus, which has always been one of my favourite bands in Brisbane. They've got a bunch of new music, and they are just absolutely ridiculous and insanely talented. I also love Baskerville, there are a lot more but those are my two favourites.

C: Do you have any dream venues to be able to perform at?

N: I would love to play at The Tivoli one day, the whole set up is just beautiful. But yeah auditoriums like that with nice acoustics and also playing at the Opera House would also be unbelievable.

C: Do the Jensens have any other release plans for 2017?

N: Yeah definitely, we are going to try and release the other four songs we wrote early this year in some way. I'm not sure just yet, we haven't put a deadline on anything yet but we'll definitely have those songs out and hopefully a couple of others.

C: If you only had four words to describe your latest single, which four words would you use?

N: Long, confusing, funky and colourful.

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