Patients inside as ambulance hit on highway

UPDATE, 11am: Police are saying it is lucky nobody was seriously injured or killed when a vehicle smashed into the back of a loaded ambulance at Ripley this morning.

Paramedics had earlier been called to the scene of a crash involving a parked car being hit by the side of the Centenary Hwy, about 7am.

Acting Inspector Troy Salton said just after two patients were loaded into the ambulance, another vehicle travelling down the highway crashed into the rear of the ambulance.

Three paramedics were injured and had to be taken to hospital, however Insp Salton said it could have been worse.

"Had they been standing at the back of the ambulance at the time, it potentially could have been a lot worse, because the second vehicle has gone straight into the back of the ambulance," he said.

"It's fortunate they were all inside the ambulance at the time."

Police have confirmed that there was no driver in the parked vehicle that was involved in the initial crash.

The car was parked off the main lanes of the highway but still on the bitumen. It is not known why the vehicle was parked there.

A woman and child were taken to Ipswich Hospital with various injuries.

Insp Salton said crews noticed poor visibility due to the position of the sun at the time of both crashes.

Despite this, both drivers involved in the accidents were issued with a notice to appear in court on a charge of failing to drive with due care and attention.

EARLIER: FIVE people, including three paramedics, have been taken to hospital following two crashes involving parked vehicles on the Centenary Hwy this morning.

Police say the first of the crashes involved a vehicle running into the rear of a vehicle that was parked on the side of the highway at Ripley just after 7am.

Paramedics attended to treat a female child and woman aged in her 20s for various injuries, when another motorist collided with the parked ambulance.

Queensland Ambulance Service has confirmed three paramedics required treatment as a result of the second collision.

Two of them were taken to Ipswich Hospital for observation, while a third was taken to Wesley Hospital with back pain.

The woman and child from the first crash were taken to Ipswich Hospital. The woman was complaining of shoulder pain, while the child was checked for back and stomach pain.

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