Stephen Embelton of Springfield Lakes would like to see a ban on fishing in Spring Lake.
Stephen Embelton of Springfield Lakes would like to see a ban on fishing in Spring Lake. David Nielsen

Fishing event enough to spill problem over

A NEW fishing event at Springfield Lakes could spell disaster, say local residents.

The Ipswich City Council, in conjunction with Lendlease, have announced a plan to hold a Pest Fishing Day at Spring Lake in an effort to control illegal fishing in the area.

Springfield Lakes resident Steve Embelton said he believed the event would open the floodgates to the illegal activity.

"The lake was never intended to be for recreational fishing, so by holding a fishing day I think we'll actually see an increase of people coming down here to fish," Mr Embelton said.

"People who fish here kill the fish and just leave the remains lying on the board walk.

"Before they introduce anything I think they should conduct some kind of environmental impact study on how fishing may be destroying local wildlife."

According to Mr Embelton, several local residents were unhappy with the idea and were considering creating a community action group to help stop illegal fishing all together.

"None of us like the idea of people fishing at the lakes and we've seen how it has had an impact on some of the birds down here," Mr Embelton said.

"I think it's one of the reasons you don't see pelicans down here any more because there was an incident once where someone threw out some bait and a pelican ended up swallowing it and had to be rescued by a wildlife officer."

Councillor Sheila Ireland said the Pest Fishing Day would be held in conjunction with Lendlease and was a response to community angst around illegal fishing.

"We know it's happening, so we plan on having some pest fishing groups on the day walk around and explain what a pest fish is," Cr Ireland said.

"We thought having an organised day in a controlled environment was the best way to tackle the issue."

A Lendlease spokesperson said they had no comment as details of the event were yet to be confirmed.

Anyone interested in joining the community meeting and email environmentmatters2us

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