BIG AMBITIONS: Mark Andersen, Recruitment 24/7 manager, is committed to building the best recruitment company in Australia.
BIG AMBITIONS: Mark Andersen, Recruitment 24/7 manager, is committed to building the best recruitment company in Australia. Sarah Harvey

Finding the best people for the task

WE SPEND a lot of our time carrying out our day-to-day employment hence it is important to enjoy what we do.

For the employer, gaining and keeping good staff is also a very important part of the day-to-day operation and can be very time consuming.

Labour hire and permanent recruitment services are viewed as expensive and do not enjoy the best of reputations.

Recruitment 24/7 is proving every day that it can be both an affordable and successful partnership and a real benefit to businesses.

"We offer affordable staffing solutions and provide staff that suit the needs of our clients. We provide the highest possible levels of service, and we stand by our results," Mr Mark Andersen, general manager, said.

Mr Andersen is passionate about his work, matching quality staff into positions that his many clients have on offer.

"I have recruited for a diverse range of clients with positions varying from executive placements, medical, civil, mining, engineering, legal, office administration, sales and general labour to just name a few," he said.

He has been in the recruitment business for 11 years and before that was a production manager, which came to an abrupt end due to a serious accident.

It has been through this experience that he gained a deep appreciation for the employment process and especially for those either seeking or requiring a career change.

"I had to reinvent myself, I had to think about what I can do and in my work I selected staff, trained them and carried out all human resource functions," he said.

After making the move into recruitment work, he moved from a trial position where he was a casual marketing staff member to gauge his abilities, to being the number one recruitment agent.

After building his skills and knowledge in the industry, Mark and wife Catherine established Recruitment 24/7 two-and-a-half years ago.

"I saw the need for a more affordable service in the market that would deliver results. I am so confident with my ability to select the right candidates for my clients that I offer a 180-day replacement guarantee on all permanent placements. This is rare in the recruitment industry."

Recruitment 24/7, so called because they are literally on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can meet the full human resources requirements within a business that takes the stress off other staff.

"We take care of the lot, from understanding the client's needs, to placing advertisements right through the total process and ongoing," he said.

For individuals seeking a career change, then registering with Recruitment 24/7 is a smart move.

"I have had a number of highly skilled people come to us over recent times with the redundancies in Queensland State Government departments. These are highly skilled candidates. They can register online and we follow up with a phone call because we are a proactive organisation," he said.

If recruitment 24/7 observes that the current resume does not communicate effectively the skill set of an individual, then they will follow up and ensure that it is reviewed and updated.

"If the resume does not tell the full story of the skills and attributes then a candidate could miss out on an interview even if they are totally suitable for the role; it has to be right," he said.

Mr Andersen said that in spite of the gloom and doom in the marketplace there were "plenty of vacancies".

"We have a new and emerging client base and if you have the right attitude you will be employed."

This positive attitude from Mr Andersen has been built from the tough life experiences he has gone through.

He is enthusiastic and very confident because he truly knows what it takes to fight back and to make a significant change in life.

"My 21st birthday card had these words, 'If you can imagine it, then you can achieve it, and if you can dream it, then you can become it', and they had stayed with me and, in fact, have been realised in building up Recruitment 24/7," he said.

"I have a strong passion for Workplace Health and Safety due to that industrial accident resulting in spinal surgery on my lower back and having had to spend the next 12 months on Work Cover.

"I have implemented a drug and alcohol policy which ensures that 100% of Recruitment 24/7 staff supplied to our clients are drug and alcohol-tested before commencement as well as randomly throughout their work assignment."

We work on a lot of referrals from satisfied clients and the business continues to grow.

"I am committed to building Recruitment 24/7 up to be the best recruitment firm in Australia. I will achieve this goal by continuing to observe my corporate values of 'honesty, integrity and professionalism'."

Contact Ipswich based Recruitment 24/7 on 5464 6223 or visit online at

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