Final night tipped to provide classy touch

THE father of English literature Geoffrey Chaucer once said that all good things must come to an end. That is true of the current Ipswich Touch Association's season.

Club official Dale O'Connell said tomorrow night's grand finals would showcase the high quality of touch football in Ipswich this season.

He said life memberships would also be awarded to some tireless ITA workers.

Powerhouse club Tigers will field six teams in five of the divisions to be decided.

The United, Koalas and Rhondda clubs will have two teams each involved in the finals.

In the men's A-grade division, Koalas will take on United Cyclones.

Queensland and Australian representative Mark Leisemann will lead Koalas while United's play will be guided by their mentor and former Queensland player Warren Reynolds.

In the main women's final, Tigers Gold will face club rival Tigers in a game that will showpiece the skills of a number of current Queensland State of Origin and NTL players. They include Fiona Durham, Melita Mackay and Toni Notley.

The A Mixed final will be a replay of last season's decider with Black Magic squaring off against Tigers Black.

Black Magic plays with flair and creativity while Tigers Black relies on well-rehearsed structures.

Former NRL player and current Ipswich Jets coach Ben Walker will bolster Tigers' chances.

O'Connell said one of the most rewarding aspects of this year's finals was the emergence of young players from the developmental teams like Koalas Blue.

"The concept's aim is to develop A-grade and representative players of the future under the tutelage and guidance of a few older heads," former Australian representative Jeff Sherman said.

"All divisions have a real father-son element to them."

Koalas Blue will face Rhondda Blue in the B-grade men's final.

A new honour roll will also be unveiled and life members will be inducted during a ceremony which will double as a reunion for a number of past life member inductees.

Games kick off at 6.30pm at the Ipswich Touch Association's fields at One Mile.

Final Showdowns

Tomorrow's grand final schedule:

  • F1 6.30pm: CMX Tigers Gold v Which Way. F1 7.20pm: AL Tigers Gold v Tigers. F1 8.10pm: AM Koalas v United Cyclones.
  • F2 6.30pm: AMX Black Magic v Tigers Black. F2 7.20pm: CM United v Tonka. F2 8.10pm: BL Tigers White v Cobras Green.
  • F3 6.30pm: DMX Rhondda Pink v El Loco's. F3 7.20pm: BM Koalas Blue v Rhondda Blue. F3 8.10pm: BMX Blue Steel v Mudratz.
  • F4 6.30pm: CL Tigers Black v Black Katz.

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