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Figures show more allowed to work from home

AN INCREASING number of businesses are using the internet to allow employees to work from home.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show more than a third of micro businesses - a venture with four or fewer employees - allow their staff to work from home.

"That's an eight percentage point increase in two years," said Andrew Puljic, director of the ABS Innovation and Technology Statistics Branch.

For larger businesses, more than 75% have the facility for their staff to work online from the comfort of home.

The ABS report, Business Use of Information Technology, also found one in five Australian businesses had a presence on social media as of June 30 last year.

More than half of large businesses are on social media, but just 13% of micro operations.

Four in five Australian businesses with internet access used it for financial activities including online banking, invoicing and payments, although not all businesses with internet access had a website nor other web presence.

Nearly two thirds of these businesses said they did not see the need to have a website, and 25% reported they lacked the technical expertise to set one up.

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