House Rules: FIFA lessons relevant for clubs to avoid harm

WE have all heard and talked about the trouble FIFA has found itself in recently.

This can happen to any organisation so has your club got the controls in place to ensure it is safe from harm?

Good governance is having objectives set by the club and working to achieve them, sets out the rules of the club and procedures for making decisions and determines how risk is assessed and managed.

Leadership, integrity and good judgement is needed in clubs to ensure successful governance.

For your club, think about:

  • Have you developed a strategic plan or document outlining the goals and direction of the club that everyone can access and follow?;
  • How does the club assess their performance against these goals?;
  • Does the club adhere to legislative requirements?;
  • Does the committee act in the best interest of the club's members?

Governance may seem to be in the too-hard basket. But once it is established, the club will be more successful, the club won't have a bad reputation in the community, a good culture will be created and ultimately, it will be easier to maintain and improve the operations of the club. This means your volunteers are more productive.


Vital grant help

WRITING a grant application often means showing evidence how your project or club may benefit the community.

There is now a statistics site that can provide demographic information about Ipswich and develop reports that can be used for grant applications.

The Ipswich Community Profile uses ABS Census data to create reports on age and gender profiles, multicultural diversity, housing and tenure types, incomes and workforce, education, employment and family composition for the selected area. Comparisons can also be made within the area and South East Queensland, Queensland and Australia.

This tool is essential for conducting research for grant applications and may be the stand out information if included in your application.

View the data at or visit the link from Council's website under Statistics and Facts.


Schools funding

THERE has been talk about the Sporting Schools program. It is getting to the final stages with funding available for schools to use in support of increasing children's physical activity levels.

Involved with the program are schools and national sporting organisations but parents and community clubs also need to be aware of the program.

Check out the schools that are part of the program as they will receive funding to support physical activity programs during, before and after school.

It is hoped this increase in activity will lead to new members at clubs with sports being trialled through the program.

Clubs need to be aware of this potential for their sport.

More information is available at


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