Online fertility advice is now making things easier for couples in isolated areas.
Online fertility advice is now making things easier for couples in isolated areas. Contributed

Fertility queries? Head online to get great advice

WOMEN in rural and regional districts considering pregnancy, trying to fall pregnant or undergoing fertility treatment no longer need to travel miles or wait months to access leading fertility specialists.

They can now access personalised information online from the world's leading fertility specialists with the Sonoa Fertility Report.

The Australian-based Sonoa Fertility Report is the first of its kind in the world.

Participants log in, answer a series of questions similar to those asked by a fertility expert and then receive a personalised and confidential fertility report that specifically addresses their needs and circumstances.

The report also offers reliable advice and information on increasing their chances of having a baby.

The report was developed in collaboration with Professor Gab Kovacs from the Fertility Society of Australia, Family Planning and Monash University, endocrinologist Dr David Adamson from the American Society of Reproductive Surgeons, Stanford University and Dr Anthony Rutherford of the British Fertility Society and College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

"The report is of particular benefit to women in rural and regional areas," managing director and founding member of the editorial board, Kate Pryde, said.

"For many women wanting a baby, time is of the essence. The added challenge of distance and access to experts is particularly stressful for rural women. The Sonoa Fertility Report means rural and regional women can be fully informed and actively participate in treatment choices that are best suited for them."

The report helps reduce the time and distance challenges faced by Australia's rural and regional women wanting to fall pregnant.

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