'Ferny Grove by-election a threat to future QLD elections'

ELECTION analyst Cr Paul Tully says holding a by-election in the seat of Ferny Grove will open up the spectre of spoiling tactics being used by disqualified candidates to disrupt future elections.

Ferny Grove PUP candidate Mark Taverner was outed as an undischarged bankrupt and ineligible to stand after the January 31 election, after reportedly signing a declaration before the election that he was eligible.

Labor is ahead in Ferny Grove by 414 votes and there have been calls for a by-election to be held.

But Cr Tully said by holding a by-election "there is a spectre that individual electorates could be manipulated in the future by disqualified individuals who nominate in key marginal seats".

"In close elections or electorates it raises the prospect of putting in a disqualified candidate to disrupt the election process," he said.

The ECQ will make a declaration after 6pm today in respect to all 89 electorates. They will declare Labor the winner in Ferny Grove and refer the Taverner matter to the Court of Disputed Returns.

It will be up to the court to determine whether the election stands or if there will be a by-election.

The QT revealed on Saturday how in 1985 Ray Doerr was deemed an invalid candidate for the Moreton Shire election after he was discovered to be an American citizen.

The Supreme Court ruled Mr Doerr would still appear on the ballot paper, that votes for him would be null and void and the election result would stand. Cr Tully said that precedent should apply to Ferny Grove.

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