Feast of top tennis proves compelling viewing

THE French Open has just finished, Wimbledon starts in two weeks and the US Open follows - no wonder we tennis enthusiasts walk around with sore and tired eyes at this time each year.

Fox Sport 3 provided an amazing coverage of the Roland Garros event. The only trouble was the time difference. Matches didn't start until 10pm.

Watching replays in the morning is fine but nothing beats the live action.


US adventure

TWO Ipswich residents and two ex-Ipswich residents are headed for the US Open.

Cliff and Janelle Wesche and Ian and Sharon Rodie have been fixture players and tennis supporters for a number of years.

During the planning of their overseas trip, a visit to the tennis was suggested.

The Rodie daughters purchased the four tickets for the travellers in the front row of Flushing Meadow Centre Court. Seems Cliff and Janelle almost had heart failure when they found out how much they had to pay for these prize seats.

Fred Daniel is also on the holiday trail.

Fred and Beth are headed on their cross country trip early next week and will be away about a month.

Happy safe tripping.

It's a well deserved rest for you both.


Ipswich's gold event

WITH the 2013 Ipswich Open Tennis Championships over and books being prepared for audit it seems early to have to apply to Tennis Queensland for the 2014 event.

Paperwork arrived via email this week and with the continued successful staging of the event we look forward with anticipation to again being allocated a Gold Event for 2014.


Norm remembered

IT was with sadness that tennis players of the 1960's era learned of the passing of Norm Gehrke.

Norm and his wife Hazel were proud owners of the court at 9 Glossop St, Brassall. They hosted many top players from 1963-1987.

They moved to the home in November 63 and found the court in disrepair and no condition for play.

With the help of family and friends, the court soon became one of the best private courts in the city and was lovingly kept in pristine condition by Norm.

Their court became the home of the Goldfern Club, fixture and social tennis was played, coaching sessions organized and it became a hub for many happy times with family and friends.

There will be lots of fond memories and reflections from the players who knew Norm before, during and after the 24 year reign of Goldfern Club.

On behalf of all tennis players, we extend sincere sympathy to Hazel and her family following the passing of an Ipswich tennis family icon.

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