Fatigue killing us

ALMOST every year, fatigue is killing people on Ipswich roads.

Last year we saw zero fatalities in our region - a brilliant result tarnished by the 20 people hospitalised as a direct result of fatigue. 2013 was our worst of the past eight years with four people killed.

Factors that might increase fatigue include:

  • Lack of sleep, poor sleep.
  • The amount of time spent driving.
  • Driving when your body wants to sleep - for example driving in the early hours when you would be asleep.
  • Monotony - driving stretches of straight road.
  • Individual characteristics - age, physical condition and use of alcohol also influences how fast we become tired.

Fatalities and hospital visits as result of fatigue

2008: 0 fatalities, 26 hospitalisations

2009: 3 fatalities, 27 hospitalisations

2010: 2 fatalities, 23 hospitalisations

2011: 1 fatalities, 12 hospitalisations

2012: 1 fatalities, 30 hospitalisations

2013: 4 fatalities, 21 hospitalisations

2014: 1 fatalities, 33 hospitalisations

2015: 0 fatalities, 20 hospitalisations

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