Jamie Manuele is battling a brain tumour.
Jamie Manuele is battling a brain tumour.

Family waits in prayer as man struggles with brain tumour

A SLIGHT opening of his eyes yesterday has given Jamie Manuele's family a flicker of hope.

As the Alton Downs father-of-four lies in an induced coma in a Brisbane hospital, his loved ones can do little but wait and pray.

It was just a few weeks ago that everything was fine in the 32-year-old tyre fitter's life.

He and his partner Cara had just brought a new property and were excited about what lay ahead.

Then he picked up a bad dose of the flu and was quickly rushed to hospital after feeling a tingling sensation on the left side of his body. Shortly afterwards he was diagnosed with a tumour on the brain and was airlifted to Brisbane for surgery.

The speed his health has deteriorated has been heartbreaking for his loved ones. Speaking from her Rockhampton home, Jamie's grandmother Jill Burke said Jamie's partner Cara has been by his bedside.

While their four childen Tommy-lee, Trinity, Jeannie-Ann and Jessie-James continue to pray for their dad.

Jill, a former nurse, said it was hard knowing her grandson was in such a state and seeing his young family struggle.

She said Jamie started worrying about his family as soon as he knew his diagnosis. "He was talking long-term too, and how they would pay if he's in hospital," she said.

An appeal has been set up to help the family (see accompanying fact box).


Donations can be made to the following account to help Jamie's family with accomodation costs.

Trust ac donations Manuele fm

NAB Account - 948843635

BSB - 084-905

For more information contact Jill Burke on 4934 6273.

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