Nine months for sex assault on boy, 8, sparks appeal plea

THE family of a youngster sexually assaulted by his brother's best friend say they are devastated his attacker will serve only nine months behind bars.

The eight-year-old's mother and older brother will this week ask Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie to lodge an appeal against the sentence handed down to Christopher John McCoy last week.

McCoy, from Kingsthorpe, west of Toowoomba, was convicted of eight offences against the boy at his home in Little Mountain.

The 21-year-old videoed some of the attacks on his mobile phone and was caught when his own brother discovered the footage.

He was sentenced to three years' jail, to be suspended after nine months in recognition of his guilty plea.

The victim's 19-year-old brother, who was McCoy's friend when the attacks took place, said the family had already been "torn apart" before McCoy received his sentence.

"We feel completely let down; lost," he said.

"He (McCoy) was basically one of the family and we couldn't believe what happened.

"He's ruined my brother's life and yet the court protected him."

The teenager said revelations of the attacks had been such a shock to his mother, she was hospitalised for four months.

"She's devastated and my little brother is seeing a counsellor every week.

"He used to be a normal, happy kid and now he won't even talk to anyone.

"He'll never get over it; my mother will never get over it and I don't know if I will ever trust anyone again.

"To think that someone could do this - especially someone we thought of as family - and get away with it makes me feel sick in the stomach."

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