Cate’s concerns for families ahead of Division 6 showdown

SAFE, beautiful and where the community has a voice.

That is the Division 6 that candidate Cate Carter wants to see.

Ms Carter (pictured) has already launched one of her major campaign platforms of ensuring significant Safe City investment is made in Division 6 in key areas where public safety needs to be monitored.

She said she would unveil other policies as the weeks unfolded.

"I'd like to use the free plant program that is already in place with council to do a community garden, with the people utilised that have the time to nurture the project and build it," she said.

"Then I'd look at expanding that. We have the space and the plants.

"I'd like to get the school children's input, once I am allowed in those school facilities, to talk about what they want.

"We have six schools in our area and I can't think of one project that is currently running for the children on the weekends."

Ms Carter said she was "very happy" to draw top spot on the ballot.

"But I still have to work just as hard," she said.

"My opponent is well known in the area and I still have another four weeks to get to know the 17,000 people in my division.

"This is my first campaign and I am still getting to know the issues in the areas.

"The public have been really good and want to invite you in for a few hours of chats and coffee, so I need to manage my time wisely if I am going to get to everyone."

Ms Carter has a limited budget to run her campaign but she is knocking on doors.

"My dining room has turned into a campaign office and I am trying to use different local businesses for my promotional needs," she said.

"I'm using Snap Ipswich at North Ipswich and Cartridge World Ipswich for my business cards, letters etc, and a few people who have joined my Facebook page have asked to help on election day.

"The door knocking I am doing myself. It is all self-funded.

"My mum has been dropping me off at the top of the hills and picking me up at the bottom - Emerald Hill is a big one and just around the Sutton Park area.

"I am out talking to the residents of the division and I like meeting the people."

Ms Carter said she would be voting for Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale in the mayoralty and that she would work in well with the current council if elected.

She said she would make a positive contribution to a council team that was well led.

"There is a reason we all live in Ipswich and why we choose to raise our families here," she said.

"Paul (Pisasale) is out there at a lot of events and he is positive about the city.

"I don't think he needs the job, but he wants the job because he wants to help the people of Ipswich.

"That is what I want to do as well."

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