Bad blood over bicycle culminates in golf club assault

BAD blood between former mates led to violence in a Boonah house, a court has heard.

Jason Moore wielded a golf club in the attack, believing his friend had stolen his bicycle from outside a hotel.

Jason Robert Moore, 39, from Boonah, was convicted after he pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm when armed with a golf club, at Boonah on July 8, 2017; and burglary by entering a dwelling in Church St with intent, when armed. Crown prosecutor Noel Needham said Moore went to a friend's house about 8.30pm where another male (aged 32) was also visiting.

"He (and the victim) knew each other. Previously there had been some bad blood," Mr Needham said.

When Moore called out on arrival, he was told by the owner he couldn't enter the house as he knew the two men did not get on.

Moore ignored this and went inside. A physical struggle ensued.

Moore went outside but returned armed with a golf club, striking the other man in the right arm.

The club broke and Moore, clutching the broken handle, then poked the man in the neck with the jagged broken end of the club, drawing blood.

"He then punched the victim in the back of the head a few times. (The victim) was facing the ground at the time," Mr Needham said.

Police arrested Moore later that night at a Boonah hotel.

The victim spent two nights in hospital having stitches to a cut behind his ear.

The Crown tendered photos of the man's injuries, the crime scene showing blood spatters in the room and outside on a brick footpath, and the broken golf club.

"It was a protracted assault. After the victim was struck on the neck with the broken golf club, Moore continued to strike him from behind," said Mr Needham.

Defence barrister David Jones said Moore has had issues with marijuana and alcohol.

Mr Jones said Moore had consistently accused the man of stealing his bicycle, which was his sole means of transport.

"He claims there is CCTV hotel footage that depicts him stealing his bicycle," Mr Jones said. Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC heard Moore's "samurai-like" cutting motion with the broken golf club could have had serious consequences.

"Having felled him with the blow, you proceeded to punch him. He bled profusely," Judge Horeman-Wren said.

Moore was sentenced to two years' jail. He had previously spent 26 days in custody and will be released to parole on April 24, 2019.

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