Failed system means we need pollie school

BACK TO SCHOOL: A reader says our politicians could do with a spell of time back inthe classroom.
BACK TO SCHOOL: A reader says our politicians could do with a spell of time back inthe classroom. DGLimages

THE recent spate of negative issues concerning our politicians might suggest that the current political system is failing badly or is even broken.

The selection process wherein the poorly qualified, those without ability and many who only think of themselves within the party can become elected representatives of their communities, definitely needs a rethink.

Through accredited educational and training establishments, most Australian workers have attained skills, knowledge, developed work ethics and exhibit accountability within their profession or trade.

In contrast, the actions of many of our politicians might suggest their in-house or members office training seems to be an inadequate prelude to the responsibilities they undertake.

Whilst politicians and their generally anonymous advisers are quite adept at making or changing rules for the broader occupations within Australia, when it comes to their own patch things are very different.

Some learned persons have been elected as politicians, but experience and capabilities in one field does not necessarily lead to competency in another. This is evident within levels of the political establishment today; including some cases where it is seen as merely a family inheritance.

We need the more astute men and women, particularly from our next generation, who would be capable and willing to undertake the responsibilities of working for and making decision on behalf of their constituents.

Maybe the development and introduction of a suggested unique skilling programme TAPTS (The Apprentice Politician Training Scheme) would be one avenue aimed at improving performance within the broad political arena of the future.


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