FACT CHECK: One Nation and penalty rate cuts

ACCUSATIONS are flying as politicians launch into full assault mode in the lead up to Saturday's election.

This weekend, Queensland will decide on who will be the state's next leader.

In Ipswich, the hot contest is between Labor and One Nation.

The candidates themselves have kept the insults and negativity to a minimum, the party heads and other political backers have taken a different tack.

One Nation is busy repeating the rhetoric of 'the tired old parties' and the LNP keeps touting its line about the 'do-nothing Labor Government'.

Labor, and its supporters, are sticking with the 'a vote for One Nation is a vote for the LNP' and vice versa.

So, are these claims baseless, or should voters be paying attention?

We take a closer look.


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The claim

While he was a senator, One Nation's Malcolm Roberts sided with the LNP to cut Sunday penalty rates.

Fact checked: False, but…

The Labor Party put forward a bill to overturn the Fair Work Commission's decision to cut Sunday penalty rates.

It looked as though it would fail but at the last minute a handful of senators backflipped and supported the bill, including Malcolm Roberts.

In his speech to the Senate in March, Malcolm Roberts said he supported the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Take-Home Pay) Bill 2017 "as a matter of principle", while taking a swipe at Bill Shorten.

But, One Nation's leader Pauline Hanson had previously taken a strong stance, supporting penalty rate cuts.

She, and others, admitted it was a backflip.

In a video Paul Hanson just re-shared on her Facebook Page, the party leaders explain the change in heart came after listening to voters. 



The claim

It was Labor that suggested the cut to weekend penalty rates in the first place.

Fact checked: False

CUTS to penalty rates came about as part of a four-yearly review of modern awards by the independent Fair Work Commission.

Proceedings on penalty rates began in early 2015 and there were hundreds of submissions before the Fair Work Commission handed down its decision in February.

The penalty rate cuts have been used by the Labor Party to finger point at the Federal LNP government.

In 2016, Bill Shorten clearly said he would support whatever decision the commission handed down.

"I've said I'll accept the independent tribunal," Mr Shorten is quoted various places saying in 2016.

Read more about the penalty rate cuts here.

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