Eyebrows have it for brother

AFRO-LICIOUS: Ipswich Jets player Mahe Paseka submits his entry for best haircut in sport in Ipswich. It takes Phantom back to the halcyon days of Clint Hennelly’s rat’s tail/mullet. If you know of any that can compare, email a photo to qtsport@qt.com.au.
AFRO-LICIOUS: Ipswich Jets player Mahe Paseka submits his entry for best haircut in sport in Ipswich. It takes Phantom back to the halcyon days of Clint Hennelly’s rat’s tail/mullet. If you know of any that can compare, email a photo to qtsport@qt.com.au. Sarah Harvey

THE Tasi family were out in force to see brothers Tautalatasi and Lama play together for the first time, helping the Ipswich Jets last weekend.

Tautalatasi has been with the Jets all season while Lama played his first match for the Queensland Cup club after transferring from the Sydney Roosters.

While both are big, powerful footballers, prop Lama plays a different role to winger Tautalatasi.

It is not the only difference Jets co-coach Shane Walker has noticed.

Another is their grooming, or "man-sculpting" as Walker calls it.

It is most noticeable in their eyebrows.

"Tautalatasi looks like Agro," Walker said.

"Lama looks like the Calvin Klein version."

That's what a couple of years in Sydney's eastern suburbs will do to you.


Goal-kicker's point

GOAL-kickers are a breed apart from their teammates.

A bit like leg-spinners are a unique lot in cricket.

Footy goal-kickers move to the beat of their own drums.

While some might get sick of flogging opponents, like Ipswich Rangers did to the tune of 90-0 over Pine Rivers in the Barber Cup last weekend, goal-kickers never tire of putting them through the sticks.

It explains why Rangers inside centre Jarred Lacey still had cause to gripe after notching 32 points, from two tries and 11 out of 13 kicks at goal.

The reason for his complaint was Rangers halfback Isaac Creedy denying him the chance to make it 35 points, when he converted a try with a drop goal before Lacey could get his hands on the ball.


Gender race

NORTHSIDERS cricketer Aaron Nugter had his bluff called and is under pressure to beat Tania Hillier in a 100m race.

Hillier is the wife of Nugter's Northsiders teammate Marcus. She is also a tier one netballer for the Carina Wildcats.

She is playing in the Queensland Champions Cup grand final tonight at Logan against Kedron Wavell.

Then she can turn her attention to making Nugter eat his words.

The 21-year-old Nugter was recently giving Hillier, who has come back to the top tier after having a baby and a knee reconstruction, grief for being old (she's 29).

So the challenge to a sprint race was laid down and Nugter either has to front up or shut up.

His nickname Nugget is as much to do with his build as his surname so the smart money is on Hillier.

Nugter, however, insists he was able to do the 100m in 11.5 seconds in year 11.

"But I've put on 25kg since then," he said.

He also doubts if Hillier's body can stand up to the pressure.

"The veteran is pretty injury-prone these days," he said.

Perhaps he was unaware of the battering Hillier endures every week playing top level netball.

Phantom suggests the loser spends a day in the other's sporting garb. Either Hillier in the creams or Nugter in a netball skirt.


DAZZLING VISIT: The Manchester United souvenir program for the 1967 tour to Australia.
DAZZLING VISIT: The Manchester United souvenir program for the 1967 tour to Australia.

Man U link to city

WITH Manchester United about to play in Australia, it's timely to reflect on the team's 1967 Australian tour which involved a number of Ipswich players.

Former Queensland player Bruce Parkes kept a souvenir program (costing 20 cents) from that memorable visit.

Parkes was called into the Queensland squad which also included other local products like Lance Petie, Ross Kelly, Ian Johnston and Western Pride ambassador Gary Wilkins.

Petie had been in and out of the state side since his debut in 1960.

Goalkeeper Kelly and national representative Johnston played for Coalstars before rising to higher honours.

Wilkins, 22 at the time, was regarded the rising young star who had come from Hollandia, following his earlier association with Ipswich clubs.

Although former Coalstars representative Parkes didn't play in the June game at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground, he remembers the excitement of having Man U so close to Ipswich.

The international visitors beat Queensland 7-0 with some sparkling football in front of a record 30,000 fans.

"I was 20, sitting on the bench with the best seat in the house," Parkes said.

Man U were English Football League champions for the previous season.

The team had nine international players, including Bobby Charlton, George Best and World Cup hero Nobby Stiles.

The Queensland team prepared well under state coach Rags Tatters and his assistant George Pagan.

But it was Man U who kept the crowd hypnotised with their antics.

"England's champions had 11 stars," Ron Mitchell wrote covering the game. "Queensland had 11 heroes who never gave up in a courageous display against one of the greatest soccer clubs in the world."

Can Man U do the same next Saturday in Sydney when they play the A-League All Stars in their only match in Australia this time?


Welcome Jack

CONGRATULATIONS to Ipswich Knights footballer Trent Griffiths and his wife Emma on the arrival of their first child.

Jack Elias Griffiths arrived at St Andrew's Hospital about 9.45am on Monday. Jack was seven pounds seven ounces and 51.5cm.


Norths supporters day

IF you see lots of red and white at the Ipswich Hockey Complex today, it's for good reason.

Northern Suburbs Hockey Club is staging a supporters day at the Raceview venue.

All past and present members are invited to wear red and white to back the Devils teams playing all day.

A sausage sizzle is available for a gold coin donation and drinks will be on sale.

The supporters club starts from the first E-grade game at 10.15am.


LOST IN PARADISE: What’s Mick Hillier really up to on XXXX Island?
LOST IN PARADISE: What’s Mick Hillier really up to on XXXX Island?

Micka in paradise

PHANTOM has discovered the real reason popular Ipswich sportsman and former QT journo Mick Hillier joined the Queensland Rugby League.

He can put his feet up on XXXX Island.

QRL media manager Micka admitted the island was a mecca for enjoyment with the fishing, bar and a holiday environment.

However, the rugby league fanatic assured Phantom he was working during the Queensland State of Origin team's visit to the tropical getaway.

"I was actually replying to emails so technically it was work," he said, trying to explain what he was doing sitting in a beach deckchair with his mobile phone.

"A few QRL staff who work with the team were lucky enough to go over with them. Awesome experience but back to reality."

If the truth be known, Phantom is just jealous.


Beloved Blackstone

WHILE everyone was talking about the great race names submitted by Garth Mitchell for last Friday's Remembering St Helens and Remembering Coalstars at the Ipswich Turf Club, Rob Hughes had other ideas.

The Knights official kept talking about his beloved Blackstone Rovers.

St Helens Old Boys were searching for runners in green or white and former Coalstars supporters were looking for red white and blue.

However, Robbie kept looking for the black and red of the Rovers who ceased to exist when Bundamba Rangers and Booval Stars merged in 1964 to form Coalstars.

They say old habits die hard and it looks that way for the Hughes family. Rob's wife Lyn was wearing a black and red jumper for the day.

Sons Stephen and Brendan were also in attendance and looked a bit like they could not understand the black and red thing of their dad.

That's understandable when the Rovers ceased to exist when before their lives began.

Ipswich Turf Club general manager and football fanatic Brett Kitching said it was fantastic to see such loyalty to the memory of a childhood club.

"Especially from a family who has worked arguably as hard as anyone to see the new generation club of the Ipswich Knights prosper," Kitching said.

"They probably are about the best example going around of pride in the past clubs, and hard work for the current club."

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