Thick fog leaves hockey players facing strange situation

IT'S pretty rare that a hockey game is called off in Ipswich due to the fog.

But it happened in the A2 women's game between Norths and Veterans last Friday night.

The fog rolled in about 8.30pm and became so thick, it was deemed a safety issue for the players on field 2 at Raceview.

The game was declared a draw as not enough time had been played to constitute a result.

"I've never seen anything like it,'' Norths Hockey Club president Leanne Haley said.

"It was extraordinary how quickly it came in and then it left just as quickly after we all decided to go home.''

Ipswich Hockey president Margret Mantell wasn't at the game but sensed something strange was happening when she drove past the ground.

"It was only when you got right down near the fields that you could see the lights were on,'' Mantell said. "But the fog was just so thick.

"I don't ever remember it (a game called off due to fog) happening.''

Some fog again floated across the field on Saturday night but didn't cause the same problems.

It wasn't only the hockey affected by Mother Nature.

Down the road at Blackstone, the over 30 church soccer match between Silkstone and Blackstone suffered similar issues.

Phantom was told what occurred there. "It was hard to pick up the ball or the players late in the game because of the fog which kept rolling onto the field, making it a weird and ghostly spectacle for those hardy spectators who attended.''

Being unable to see your opponents probably explained the feast of goals. Blackstone won 7-5.


FINE MEMORIES: Ipswich strapper Merv Gumbleton was excited to catch up with former international player Wendell Sailor this week. Gumbleton strapped Sailor during his playing days in Mackay.
FINE MEMORIES: Ipswich strapper Merv Gumbleton was excited to catch up with former international player Wendell Sailor this week. Gumbleton strapped Sailor during his playing days in Mackay. David Nielsen

Strapping catch-up

NORTHERN Suburbs rugby league strapper Merv Gumbleton caught up with a surprised former acquaintance in Wendell Sailor on Thursday.

Sailor was in town for a State of Origin barbecue off against Brisbane Broncos halfback Peter Wallace.

But he was delighted when Gumbleton approached him and reminded him he'd strapped Sailor as a young bloke up in his native Sarina.

Gumbleton produced a 1991 match program that included team lists from a Mackay versus Cairns under-17 match.

Listed at five-eighth for Mackay was Sailor.


Calming influence

QUEENSLAND Firebirds captain and national player Laura Geitz showed her fantastic nature with young players at this week's netball clinic at Limestone Park.

One up and coming girl shed some tears after rolling her ankle during the active session at the Doris Howes Complex.

Geitz displayed plenty of concern before reassuring the Ipswich youngster with some well received words of wisdom.

"You're not a real netballer until you've had a couple of ankle injuries,'' Geitz calmly replied.


Brazil party

LOOK out Rio, the Ipswich football fanatics are coming.

Facebook has been working overtime since the Socceroos secured a place in next year's World Cup in Brazil.

A group of passionate footballers led by Stuart Hinks enjoyed the last World Cup in South Africa.

However, it didn't take long for another trip to be planned after Australia's latest win over Iraq.

Players, coaches and supporters from a number of regional clubs have vowed to make it to Rio, ensuring another unforgettable party next year.


Ink of pride

IPSWICH hockey dad Daniel Mantell is keeping his two sons close to him at all times.

He's inked latest addition "Louis'' into one arm, joining first son "Harvey'' on the other limb.

Louis Heath Mantell arrived recently weighing 7lb 15 (3.6kg).

Phantom congratulates the A-grade player and his hockey playing wife Beth on their new family member.

Seems Ipswich's hockey future is in good shape.


Football 'god'

PHANTOM has discovered many weird and wonderful postings on Facebook in recent times.

A description of Ipswich Eagles "club legend'' Kym Mansell is up with the best of them.

The posting about Mansell claims he "was conceived by the football gods and given birth by a football club in Tasmania.''

It continued: "(Mansell) never went to school as the football gods decided that all he would need to get through life is football. He is a mysterious man of the Ipswich Eagles. At stages he had been referred to a Jesus for his looks."


Not Hollywood

IT WOULD be understating things to say Goodna's former Kiwi internationals David Solomona and Sione Faumuina have been a little frustrated by the refereeing in the Ipswich Rugby League.

Against Fassifern, Solomona was left shaking his head when the referee refused to speak to him as teams left the field at halftime.

In last week's win over Swifts both of the ex-NRL stars were left disappointed they couldn't even voice their concerns about the way the game was being officiated.

Post-match Solomona was talking to Swifts director of footy Paul Srama.

He explained how back in the day when he was playing in the NRL, players could approach Bill "Hollywood" Harrigan and ask for clarification on rulings and put forth an argument, knowing it would be listened to.

Not in the IRL however, it seems.


Illustrious birthdate

THE QT's ace Dogwatch greyhound writer Paul "Dogs'' Dolan shared a piece of trivia.

While doing some research, he disovered he and Dogwatch celebrity tipster Berrick Barnes were born on the same day.

Although they arrived 33 years apart, Dogs thought that was pretty special, especially given May 28 is also the birthdate of Kylie Minogue.

"I'm in illustrious company,'' Dogs said.


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