Chamber Talk with QT Better Business columnist Brett Kitching.
Chamber Talk with QT Better Business columnist Brett Kitching.

Extended period of uncertainty for business should end

THE election with what seemed to be the longest campaign period ever is now complete, and many across the nation can now get on with a more certain future.

This is not a political statement, simply a comment on the extended pre-election period and the impact that such a long period had on overall consumer confidence.

Time will tell whether there will be a surge in confidence as a result of greater certainty over the political landscape, for a few years anyhow. Regardless of whether there is a surge of consumer confidence across the nation, one region with every reason to look forward to the future is the Western Corridor, or Ipswich region.

A recent research report on population growth, jobs growth, and commuting flows in south-east Queensland highlighted the reasons for Ipswich to look to the future with confidence.

The report was published by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Transport and it noted trends of the past decade as well as the future outlook.

Ipswich figured prominently in both of these facets of the report. Over the 10 years to 2011, Ipswich east (which includes the greater Springfield area) was among the fastest-growing residential regions along with Ipswich Central.

Additionally on the employment front, Ipswich Central was high on the list having recorded job growth during that decade at a level much higher than the national average.

The biggest news for the Ipswich region from this report was in the outlook covering the next 20 years. The forecast population growth of 4.8% annually results in a prediction of an additional 300,000 residents in the total Western Corridor (predominantly Ipswich) region by the year 2032.

Additionally, a rapid job growth at 5% per annum is expected for this period for the Ipswich region with the largest job creation area expected to be Ipswich Central with an additional 56,300 positions of employment to be created in this time.

These numbers give great confidence for the future prospects of the City of Ipswich, as well as the employment prospects of those residents moving to the Western Corridor, as the region enters an exciting period of expected growth and prosperity.

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