POSITIVITY: The See Create Connect Expo is part of Seniors Week.
POSITIVITY: The See Create Connect Expo is part of Seniors Week. Christine Perkin

Expo to showcase potential for older generation

AN EVENTdesigned to celebrate the older population of Ipswich, retirees and those thinking of retiring has been organised through a collaboration of U3A Ipswich and Ipswich City Council.

The See, Create, Connect Expo is designed to showcase the social and recreational activities, educational pathways, volunteering opportunities available and to promote the idea of lifelong learning and community involvement at any age.

The expo will be interactive, exciting and bold in its execution. It claims to be a new way of presenting an event to the community and is run for seniors by seniors.

It is the first time an event of this size has been run in Ipswich entirely by a community organisation. Ipswich City Council will provide support and resources to U3A to ensure the expo operates smoothly.

The expo will allow you to see what's around in the local area, what's out there and what opportunities there are for a fulfilling retirement.

Attendees will create avenues to develop a plan for life in retirement, a new adventure in travel and to explore and learn about historic Ipswich.

It will show there are options to learn a language, join the library or men's choir and provide insight into use the internet to do things such as shop.

It will be about creating something new and exciting to participate in.

This expo will help people connect not only with peers but have conversations face-to-face with local providers and organisations to learn about what is out there.

It will offer the ideal opportunity to start on a new, exciting life experience after work.

U3A president Paulette Montaigne and vice-president Anna Bradbury have worked tirelessly on this event.

They are excited about the expo because it will be staged in a new venue - the Ipswich Corporate Centre at the North Ipswich Reserve.

Secondly, the expo has been developed in a new format to ensure a steady flow of visitors spend quality time engaging with stall holders.

Thirdly, the expo is pitched at a new audience - the younger demographic - those about to retire and those young seniors, the baby boomers seeking organisations offering services, activities and volunteering opportunities.

The See, Create, Connect Expo is part of Seniors Week, which runs from August 19- 27.

Seniors Week is an annual event throughout the nation. It is an opportunity for all ages to join together and celebrate the valuable contributions older people make to our community.

The object of focusing on a special week is to improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing, facilitate community participation and activity by older people, including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships.

See Create Connect Expo: Tuesday August 22, from 10am-2 pm at the Ipswich Corporate Centre, North Ipswich Reserve. Enquiries: 3282 7484 or U3A website: http://www.u3aipswich.org.au/scc-expo/

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