EXIT POLL: How 60 Ipswich residents voted today

EXIT polls with 60 voters at three booths across the city today suggest the battle for mayor is a close two-horse race.

The QT conducted exit polls at; St Xavier College in Goodna, Cr Tully's heartland, at Silkstone State School in Cr Antoniolli's heartland and another at Jellicoe St, Brassall

Cr Antoniolli lives in Brassall, a suburb represented by Division 6 councillor, and Cr Tully supporter, Cheryl Bromage.

Of the 60 votes recorded by the QT, Cr Tully had 22 and Cr Antoniolli 18, with Dallas Klass coming in third on five votes.

The results at Goodna returned 14 votes for Cr Tully, four for Cr Antoniolli and two for Patricia Petersen.

At Silkstone Cr Tully and Cr Antoniolli received six votes each.

Mr Klass and Greens candidate Brett Morrissey collected two each while Paul Rix, Jack Paff, Peter Robinson and Gary Duffy received one each.

At Brassall, Cr Antoniolli was a clear leader with eight votes out of the 20.

Mr Klass received three and Mr Duffy, Cr Tully and Mr Morrissey two each.

Mr Paff also snared one vote.

Those voting for Cr Tully gave various reasons from "he's the only one I know" to "I had a problem once and within 10 minutes he'd sorted it out".

At Goodna the consensus was Cr Tully had served the community well for almost 40 years.

"He has always looked after us," one voter said.

Cr Antoniolli supporters said "he is young and energetic we need some new blood", to "he is the only councillor who will change things from within".

One voter pointed at a sign of Cr Antoniolli and said "I like his young face".

Mr Klass was described by one supporter as "the only bloke who understands what Ipswich needs".

Mr Morrissey's supporters said they were lifelong Green voters.

QT Exit poll results


  • Paul Tully: 14
  • Andrew Antoniolli: 4
  • Patricia Petersen: 2


  • Paul Tully: 6
  • Andrew Antoniolli: 6
  • Dallas Klass: 2
  • Brett Morrissey: 2
  • Paul Rix: 1
  • Jack Paff: 1
  • Gary Duffy: 1


  • Andrew Antoniolli: 8
  • Gary Duffy: 2
  • Brett Morrissey: 2
  • Dallas Klass: 3
  • Peter Robinson: 2
  • Paul Tully: 2
  • Jack Paff: 1

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