Grammy nominated '90s rock band Everclear is in Ipswich

POPULAR 90s rock band Everclear, known for hit's like Santa Monica and Wonderful, will be playing at the Racehorse tonight.

The Grammy nominated band is here headlining the Hotter than Hell music festival.

Original member and front man of the band Art Alexakis said he was excited to be back in Australia.

"So far so good, we're really enjoying being here and the tour's going really well as well," Art said.

The band first came to Australia in 1995 and came back again in 1996 and 1998.

"Then we didn't come back until 2012 and then I came back in 2015 as a solo artist, and the last time the band was here was in 2017," Art said.

The band formed back in 1991 and released their debut album World of Noise in 1993 and 27 years later are still touring.

"I'd always hoped that we would still be playing and performing, and I have the type of job that you don't want to retire from," Art said.

"As long as I'm healthy enough to go out and perform you know I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

"And as long as people keep listening to our songs - and judging by the crowds we've been playing to in Australia we'll be coming back here for a long time."

Art said many amazing things about being in Australia but said he loved the people most.

"My favourite thing about performing for an Australian crowd is how enthusiastic and at the same time loud, kind of rowdy but at the same time a little bit polite," he said.

"Australia is so much better, and people are just so cool.

"It's definitely one of my favourite cultures in the world - the Australian culture."

The band has been touring Australia for the past two weeks and Art said they were looking forward to playing in Ipswich.

"I thought we were going to be doing different sets for the festival and then different ones for our own concerts, but the set list is pretty much the same," Art said.

"For the most part, people want to hear Father of Mine - we haven't had a bad show or a mediocre show, the crowds have been phenomenal.

"It's weird my favourite song to play is the ones people want to sing along to.

"The crowds here sing along to everything and they know everything.

"Santa Monica, Father of Mine is big - we've got a big catalogue of songs, so we don't have to do the same set every night."

Art said he was continually surprised by the constant support for Everclear's music in Australia.

"I didn't realise but Triple M played Volvo Driving Soccer Mom and that was kind of a hit here and I didn't know that, so it's going into the set-list for Australia," he said.

Art also said he was interested in coming back to Australia and was excited to make more music.

"I just finished my solo album which came out in October, so doing that was fun for me," he said.

"I might even be back to Australia to tour that next year.

"But what I think I will be working on next will be a book, I'm going to write a memoir."

An avid fan of rock and roll music Art said he was he always falls in love with a different Aussie band every time he comes to Australia.

"Every time I come to Brisbane; I fall in love with a different Australian band and there's one from Brisbane that I love called the Grates," Art said.

"Between the singer and the guitar player they have a tearoom in Brisbane, and I'd love to go to it.

You can catch the band tonight in Ipswich at the Racehorse, visit: for tickets.

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